v. [[t]ɪkˈskyuz[/t]] n. [[t]-ˈskyus[/t]] v. -cused, -cus•ing, n.
1) to regard or judge with indulgence; pardon or forgive; overlook (a fault, error, etc.)
2) to offer an apology for; seek to remove the blame of:
He excused his absence by saying that he was ill[/ex]
3) to serve as an apology or justification for; justify:
Ignorance of the law excuses no one[/ex]
4) to release from an obligation or duty:
to be excused from jury duty[/ex]
5) to seek or obtain exemption or release for (oneself):
to excuse oneself from a meeting[/ex]
6) to refrain from exacting; remit; dispense with:
to excuse a debt[/ex]
7) cvb to allow (someone) to leave:
If you'll excuse me, I have to make a telephone call[/ex]
8) an explanation offered as a reason for being excused; a plea offered in extenuation of a fault or for release from an obligation, promise, etc
9) a ground or reason for excusing or being excused:
Ignorance is no excuse[/ex]
10) the act of excusing someone or something
11) a pretext or subterfuge
12) an inferior or inadequate specimen of something specified:
His latest effort is a poor excuse for a poem[/ex]
Etymology: 1175–1225; ME escusen < OF escuser < L excūsāre= ex- I+-cūsāre, der. of causa cause ex•cus′a•ble, adj. ex•cus′a•bly, adv. ex•cus′er, n. syn: excuse, forgive, pardon imply being lenient or giving up the wish to punish. excuse means to overlook some (usu.) slight offense, because of circumstance, realization that it was unintentional, or the like: to excuse rudeness. forgive is applied to excusing more serious offenses; the person wronged not only overlooks the offense but harbors no ill feeling against the offender: to forgive and forget. pardon often applies to an act of leniency or mercy by an official or superior; it usu. involves a serious offense or crime: The governor was asked to pardon the condemned criminal.

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